We are actively hiring for our US-based client companies in the software industry. We are in search of talented software engineers, UX/UI designers, and experienced project managers with a proven track record. Please note that we are currently hiring only in Minsk, but we'll soon be launching additional development centers in other cities in Russia, starting with Saint Petersburg. Please fill out the form to submit your resume.

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Our recruiters will look through resumes to find the candidates with the right set of skills and experience


First Contact

Once found, the recruiter calls the candidate to invite to join our recruiting process


Screen Interview

One of our ergineers screensin the candidate in a 30-min call. This determines basic technical knowledge and wheather we should move forward.


Task Interview

The task interview for developers is as close as possible to a typical working environment. The candidate may search the web for information or ask the questions.


Task Results

Everybody who's had contact with the candidate gets together and grade the candidate on their tech skills and their cultural fit.



If eveverything is good -> jobs done. You have a official offer.