Itmods Inc. enables companies to build their own software development teams in Minsk, Belarus (Eastern Europe) without requiring them to register in Belarus as a corporation, and without the hassles of setting operations at a new location. If you're able to build great software development teams in Silicon Valley, New York and Boston, why can you not do the same in Minsk?

Why Belarus?

Fact sheets

Education: 53 universities, 16 000 IT-graduates annually.

The quality of IT education in Belarus is known all over the world. There are 53 universities in Belarus and 16 thousand graduates with ICT and related technical skills annually.

Cliff Reeves, General Manager, Emerging Business Team, Microsoft Corporation stated: ”Belarus has a reputation of a country with a high scientific potential. This reputation is not gained overnight. It takes 50-60 years to establish a strong education system with highly qualified faculty“.

The Belarus software engineers frequently win worldwide software competitions, demonstrating the highest qualification and experience levels. For many years at a run the team of the Belarusian State University is among the top out of over 3,000 teams at ACM International Programming Contest.

Quality: 50 years of software industry.

IT industry development in Belarus has deep historical roots. More than 40 years of scientific research in hi-tech fields created a world-leading system of technical education and training. As a result, the country's scientific and academic infrastructure still produces top quality engineering specialists.

With its population of approximately 10 million, Belarus hosts the largest and most established European IT outsourcing providers in Eastern Europe and the CIS countries. According to the FORBES Magazine: ”Per Capita Income from IT-Services Export in Belarus exceeds that of Russia and Ukraine“.

Drew Guff, managing director and founding partner of Siguler Guff & Company: “If you have a mission impossible project in software development, send it to Belarus”.

Location: Only 2 hours by air from most European capitals.

Belarus has a favorable geographical location for EU/US customers. It will take you only 2 hours to get to Minsk from Paris, Frankfurt, Vienna, less than 3 hours from Rome, London and Madrid by air. Minsk is in just 100 miles (2 hours drive) from Vilnius.

Visitors to Belarus can receive visas right at the airport, in case there is no Belarusian embassy in their home-country or just no time to visit one. Belarusian companies work with European customers in a close time zone (GMT+2).

Belarusian time-zone also allows Belarusian and American working hours overlap.

Key Features


Your Development Team

Meet the new members of your software development team.

24/7 Full Time Job

Time difference between USA and Belarus 6 hours in avarage. You sleep while they work!

They Know Your Codebase

And they get better at it every day. You want them to remain part of your team for as long as possible, so you make sure to keep them happy.

Dedicated Office

Only your team has access to it. All equipment, computers, printers, and phones are to your specifications. They're brand new, and used only by your team.

Talented People

Top talented software developers, designers, engineers. They're not only in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, New York, Boston, and Chicago. They're also in Minsk.

Geographical Location

Belarus has a favorable geographical location for EU/US customers. Only 2 hours by air from most European capitals.


For companies and employees

Recruiting talented engineers is a big challenge in the US due to huge demand in the market for software engineers. Recruiting the top talent in Belarus is challenging as well, but less so than in the US. Software engineers in Belarus are in high demand, and their salaries are higher than those in many other professions. However, costs are still significantly lower in comparison to the US.

  • Access to a much larger talent pool
  • Lower costs
  • Talent Retention
  • No Visa Sponsorship
  • No Language Barier

Itmods creates new career opportunities for the engineering talent in Belarus by allowing them access to US companies typically not able to hire them because of their location. They have the chance to become part of an international software development team, work with them directly, and gain experience at a new level.

  • New career opportunities
  • Job security
  • Better compensation and benefits
  • Lifestyle and culture

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions And Answers

Absolutely not! Good software engineers should be hired regardless of their physical location. US based software engineers are compensated at a higher cost, however, there are also advantages of them being in the US. For instance, they are available in the same time zones as your US based clients, and they have physical access to the infrastructure of your company. They are the ones who are available to work on emergency situations during business hours in the US time zones, and they are the ones who are available to work directly with your US based customers. In addition, the vibrant technology market in the US is a magnet for many A-players from all over the world, so the talent pool can not be underestimated. However, there are many great engineers in the rest of the world as well, including Belarus and Russia. Building a team with the most talented engineers in different parts of the world makes just most sense.